Dangerous Banisters and my Kittens

by Nina

I have two kittens, who are 5 months old now. I'm worried as they have started climbing up onto the bannister at the top of my stairs, which is very slippy. It's a solid wood banister (so no bars) so they jump to get on top of it, and below is a drop of perhaps 15 feet onto a stone floor. Last night I saw the girl overshoot the jump and fall, it was awful, she hit a step on her way down on her back. She was fine 2 minutes later, purring and I checked her paws, legs and back and she seems fine and not in pain, but I have no idea how to stop them doing this again, particularly as we work during the day. Should I be worried? I'm concerned if there's a next time one of them could break their neck.

Otherwise very good and sweet cats, they just don't know what's dangerous, as we're not letting them out until they're neutered so so far they have had very sheltered lives...

Answer by Kate
well kittens will be kittens and as any cat owner will tell you it is practically impossible to stop them climbing everywhere. of course having them spayed will help to calm them a little and at 5 months old they are ready for that now. Also after that, letting them out will help to use up their energy and distract them from your banisters.

having lots of other things around the home to distract them will also help, so things where they can climb into or on top of like those cat trees are very good for them, especially if they have dangling balls from them.

i really don't think there is a way to actually stop them from climbing the banisters if they wish but cats are smart and learn fast and they are also very agile, so i wouldn't worry too much. i have two young cats myself and I have see them do some very dangerous stuff, so i know what you are going through.

here are some pages about some different sorts of cat trees etc and distraction toys for your information



best wishes Kate

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