Dealing with fleas and going outside

by Penny
(Buxton, UK)

Thank you for your answer to a previous question I asked last week (it was very helpful.) I have two more I hope you can help me with? Our six kittens are now 3 and a half weeks old. When can we de-flea mum again (we were using Spotline on her neck?) Also mum is an outdoor cat and we've kept her in all this time. When can she go outside to do her business again? She is using a cat tray inside, but it's getting very costly.

Thank you.

Answer by Kate
In my opnion I would let the cat decide. If she wants to go outside then thats fine, she will return to her kittens when she needs to. Cat are very intelligent animals and do not need to be monitored as much as we humans think. Obviously the mother cat will have to be able to easiliy get back to her kittens, so a cat flap is a good idea if you are not around.

As for the flea treatment, i would refer to the packaging. as far as i am concerned i think it is safe to keep giving the cat her treatment once a month. You really don;t want to risk the kittens getting fleas as this can be very dangerous for them. Flea treatments will have their own guide lines on them as to what age they can be given at etc.

enjoy your new furry family

best wishes Kate

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