Depressed, or sick cat ?

by Cynthia

sick cat possibly

sick cat possibly

My cat (Missy) has not been acting like herself for the past 2 days. She usually is a very loving, and happy cat. She greets people at the door with a meow, and always wants to be petted and loved.

My parents recently lost their house, and the place they are staying at does not allow cats, so I am taking care of Missy in the meantime.
So the past 2 days, Missy has seemed very blah. she does eat and drink, though not much, and she is cleaning herself. She is quit, and was sleeping by the toilet for awhile, but has now moved to the bean bag by the window. She isn't throwing up, and her poop seems alright.
My mom says she might be depressed that she isn't at "her home".
Missy is 7 years old, and has had shots. I got her from the shelter when she was 3 years old.
She doesn't get excited when people come over, and she didn't freak out when I vacuumed. Her breathing seems alright. She is a big cat, and has long hair.
Does she sound sick, or depressed?

well it could be either. Just like us humans cats can get under the weather too and a little virus which lays them low for a few days. My cats do this from time to time whereby they seem extra quiet and withdrawn but then they bounce back. So this could be the case with your cat.

Or course the change in circumstances for your cat could also be causing her some anxiety and this may have made her more withdrawn. This is not unusual and as long as she is still eating and drinking etc i would not worry too much. She may just need some time to get used to things.

The best advice is if she remains the same for over a week then a trip to the vets may be a good idea to just make sure there is nothing which could be causing her problems. But at this stage it is too early to say.

best wishes kate

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