Desperate help! My Cat is Sick

by Pam
(West Virginia, USA)

FIrst, I cannot afford to take my cat to the vet.

My male, outdoor cat who is barely one year old has been losing weight lately. A few days ago he started walking disoriented. Now today his eyes are dilated very large and he is bumping in to things and falling down.

I called my local vet and all she said was to bring him down and they would have to do blood work and urine sample...cost STARTING at $150. I am not able to come up with that money.

I have put my cat in the basement where it is cool and he cannot hurt himself. I just now found him laying over the legs of a chair like he was trying to jump over them but missed. I thought he was dead. When he heard me he became very affectionate and did not want me to leave. I petted him until he went to sleep.
I am beside myself...

He is razor thin, eyes dilated, limps and acts blind...he will eat every few hours if I keep put soft food in front of him.
Is there anything I can do??????

Answer by Kate
well I'm not sure what i can say. As you know he needs to see a vet urgently. There is no way of knowing what is causing the problem, there are so many possibilities which only a vet can diagnose and treat.

All i can say is you need to get him help somehow, borrow the money if you can or phone around and see if there are any animal shelters or charities that can help. Sometimes they have services which help people in financial trouble, after all they are in the business of preventing animal suffering.

The worst thing you can do is to do nothing, please try to find him some help. I know you care for your cat and will do anything for him.

In the mean time keep him quiet and comfortable and keep fresh water near him.

i do so hope you can get him some help soon and that he will recover quickly.

best wishes Kate

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