Desperate to find out what is wrong with my cat.

by Susan Epstein
(Los Angeles CA)

I am desperate I have spent $1000 trying to find out what is wrong with my 17 year old feline. We thought it was constipation so we cleaned her out well a vet did and also gave her an emena. The problem still remains

The xray showed nothing but a full colon which has been treated. Aagin last night she sat by the litter box and could not go and was crying out. What can it be? She has be urniating ok so I think as I have another cat. Everytime I gently touch her on her hind leg more towards the back not the leg itself she screams in pain. The vet did take xray and it showed nothing but maybe they did not xray the correct place. I cant take her back with out sedating her she goes crazy. What can it be? Any suggestions this cat has been thru enough and is starting to be nasty she is uncomfortable and I need to help her. If I have to sedate her to take her in again what should I ask for?

Answer by Kate
Oh dear this does sound awful for both you and your cat.
I am not a vet and so cannot give you a clue as to what could be the problem.

I am surprised that you have not had more guidance from your vet. A good vet should keep advising until the problem is discovered.

Unfortunately some times it does take some time to discover the true cause and this does mean lots of test etc which as you know can be expensive.

I dont know how you feel about your vet but if you are not 100% confident in him i would go find another one and get a second opinion.

i have changed vets several times in the past until i have found one that i trust and i know is a very competent vet, after all it costs a lot and it is important that you have confidence in them.

If you do go back to your vet, don't be afraid to ask him lots of questions and try to get him to explain the possibilities and also all of the possible test etc. A good vet will have your cats best interests at heart and not the money, but i do know unfortunately that some are driven by money more than others especially vets who are not independent and work for a bigger company, thats just my opinion .

I hope you can discover what is causing your cat this distress soon. Perhaps another visitor to the site will be able to advise further.

best wishes Kate

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