Diary of a Cat Rescurer Part One

by Mary
(North Carolina, USA)

Timmy Toes (One of our Rescues)

Timmy Toes (One of our Rescues)

March 5, 2010

Hello to all the Cat lovers on this site.
I hope life is finding you well and happy this 5th day of March.

Yesterday I picked up 8 stray felines (5 males and 3 females) from the local Spay/Neuter Clinic. 3 was not able to have surgery because they have upper respiratory infections but those 3 came home with medication to help them get well enough to be fixed in 2 weeks.
The other 5 was Neutered and came home in my car Meowing and fussing to get out of those carriers.
I bought them home and got them all settled in to "my cat rehab room" and for the duration of the day, they slept and rested which is normal for after surgery recovery.

Some of the males seem VERY confused and just walk around and sleep a lot as if they have no future purpose in life but they will be healthier and better off not impregnating every female they come in contact with in the future.

They are getting all kinds of hugs and cuddles from my grand daughters and myself and will recover nicely.
I have family members who have consented to giving ALL these lucky strays a good home.
NONE will be turned back out into the wild.

Their names are as follows:
Mattie: A beautiful solid white female short hair.

Mama Calico: The shed kitty I found under my shed last spring.

Lenny: This is a pretty boy who was Mama Calico's ONLY
surviving kitten last spring under my shed.

Oliver: A pretty dark solid grey cat whose mother was killed
the day he was born. We bottle fed him and raised him.

J.J : A hefty Orange Tabby male who was feral when I first
found him a year ago and is now a friendly sweetheart.

Rukka: A pretty Grey & White short hair male with bunny soft
fur and loves to cuddle.

Timmy Toes: An adorable gray and white short hair with those
awesome polydactal Toes.

Rudy: A very handsome Tabby male who was feral and now
friendly and loving.

I wanted to mention their names because they ARE individuals
and worthy of mention in my opinion. They have ALL braved cold winters and starvation and no love in sometime of their lives but
hopefully now all that will change and they will have good homes and all the love they can stand.

My 28 year old daughter is taking Mattie and Timmy Toes and Oliver into her feline fold where they will have a forever home for life.

I am keeping J.J and Mama Calico and her son Lenny because I have put in a year of my life into saving them and they have grown on me.

Rudy and Rukka will be going to my Grand daughters who fell in love with them from day one.

So ALL these felines was Rescued, socialized and spayed/ neutered and vaccinated and now have forever homes to go to for life.

What a wonderful result in all their lives!

Those 8 cats have been a long year of work to get to this point. I am happy with the results.

Now my big project is to trap a pretty black and white tuxedo fella who I have named " SPOOK".
He gets his name because he only comes around at night to feed from my feral feeding station on my screened porch.
Unfortunately, he always brings an ugly Opposum with him who appears to be young and maybe abandoned by its mother.
"I guess opossums get hungry too"

I think Spook has taken this Opposum in under his wing because they seem to always travel together.
No, Im NOT going to try to socialize the Opposum
but I will capture Spook and have him fixed and make sure he has food and maybe find him a forever home once I see that the Opposum is weaned away from Spooks protection.

It is amazing to watch them eat from the same bowl as if they are litter mates.

Once Spook is trapped and fixed and in a home, I am hoping for a rest as there do not seem to be anymore strays on my property as of yet but of course KITTEN SEASON is upon us so I may be in for a rude awakening.

But if God sees fit to send another needy cat my way then I will be ready and willing to do what I have to do to save them at any cost.

Until next time,
Hug your kittys and SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS.

Mary in NC

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