Diet and cat behavioral question

by Justin

You have stated in this site that you have been dealing with cats for years so I would like to ask you what you would recommend is a good cat food brand and diet, organic or otherwise. Lastly my cat refuses to drink out of her bowl and always chooses to drink out of the toilet! I close the lid on the toilet and she will stay there until I open it and sometimes even starts meowing. Is there anything I can do to curb this behavior? Thank you for your time.

Answer from KAte
As with all things in life, well most anyway, the more you spend the better the food. There is not one particular brand i can recommned but i can say that the lower brands such as Go cat and store own brand are generally not very good. I had a conversation with a officer from the RSPCA here in the Uk and they told me that they have cats come to them with ill health due to being fed these lower brand foods.

So check and compare your brands to each other. As for organic or not well that is just your personal choice, i would not say that it is better than any other top brand cat food nutritionally.

as for your cat drinking out of the toilet, well all you can do is to not give in to her and keep the lid down. I had the same issue with my two cats. After a while they decided that they prefered to get in the bath and drink from the tap or from their water bowl which I was Ok with.

best wishes kate

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