dish cloth and my cat

My 5 month old cat always jumps up on the sink and takes the dish sponge and runs with it and i was just wondering why she does this?

Answer by Kate
Well the simple answer is... who knows. In my experience cats have their own funny little ways and sometimes we have no way of knowing why.

i used to have a cat who would steal a pair of ear muffs and my watch all the time. i would find them just lying in the corner of the room.

It could be that the smell on the dish cloth (either from your hands of the detergent) is attracting her to it.

I wouldn't worry about this, it is just a habit she has got into and it can't hurt her (as long as she is not eating the cloth :) )

best wishes Kate

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So mine isn't the only one
by: Tizzy

I'm so happy to know my cats aren't the only ones doing this, they're relentless, one goes for the clean one in the sink, then there's the other one that rolls around in the dirty smelly ones, If it weren't so gross I'd almost let him continue... he seems so happy! It's a cat's life!

Dish cloth
by: mn

This is more common than you think. My cat also likes to rub on the dish rag, and roll around in it. She also likes to rub on my hands after I've had them in the dishwater. So I think it has something to do with the detergent, strange though it may sound.

Mine too
by: Anonymous

I just did a search for this after watching my cat dig out 2 dirty dish towels and proceed to roll all over them. She is currently snuggled up with one. I am happy she's not the only one, I had never seen anything like it before.

Crazy Cats
by: Anonymous

This is so funny! This is my cats favorite thing to do now! At night I always lay my dirty dish rag on top of my dryer in my wash room to dry before putting it in my hamper! We have been finding her on top of the dryer just rubbing all over it and afterwards she gets really wild like she's eat a bunch of catnip and runs all over the house! This is the funniest thing ever!!!

Mine too!
by: Anonymous

Three of my four cats also take my dish rag and rub themselves all over it it's typically on the floor in the morning when I wake up and they do fight over it and amuse themselves up to a half hour just rolling around on top of it its so funny I leave one on the sink for them and have one under the sink for my use

mine too
by: Anonymous

My cat does that too. I've taken to hiding it but I think that has made the game even more fun. I'd love to know why she does it.

Dish cloth
by: josie

Thanks for the reply

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