Disney Cats - Whose Your Favourite?

Disney cats have always been my favourite characters. Good or bad they all have super big personalities just like our real life feline friends. Disney really did know how to make a great cat personality come to life who often stole the show even if they weren't the main character.

Over the years cats have appeared in many Disney films both as cartoon cats and in the flesh. Some parts have been small and some the main character, but all have been loved.

This page is all about the main Disney cats that have imprinted themselves into all of our hearts and memories. I will probably miss some out and if I do I'm sure you will let me know of other cats on film.

So in no particular order, here are my favourite Disney cats.


Rufus appeared in the 1977 animated film "The Rescuers". He is a rather elderly cat who has a very gentle nature and who very much enjoys reciting poetry to anyone who will listen.

Rufus belongs to Penny a little orphan girl who is waiting to be adopted. He only appears twice in the film, so his role isn't very big at all. Never the less his kind and gentle character come across as a mother figure to the little girl and helps give her courage.

At the end of the film rather predictably penny is adopted by a nice young couple who also apparently adopts Rufus too. A happy ending all round.

The original 1977 Film. Still great today, packed full of energy at every turn of the plot.

A new adventure 35 years after the original film.

Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire cat comes from the novel Alice's Adventure in wonderland written by Lewis Caroll. Disney's 1951 film of the same name is probably the image of the cat everyone knows best.

A big fat grinning pink and purple striped cat, who is rather mischievous and just a little bit naughty too. Although his role in the film is small he does pop up several times to either help or hinder Alice as she tries to get home.

The Cheshire cat has a rather unique trick up his sleeve; he can turn himself invisible and sometimes other things as well. Probably one of the best scenes in the movie is where he goes invisible all except his big grin.

Si and Am

These are probably the best known Siamese cats from any film. They first appeared in the 1955 animated film "The lady and the tramp".

These two rather naughty and mischievous disney cats are twins who are never separated. Their main role in the film seems to be to get what they want and to get others into trouble, especially Lady the female dog in the film.

They come across as two rather spoilt cats who know just how to get what they want from their doting owner, Aunt Sarah, who carries them around in a picnic basket.

The main scene the two cats have is where they sing a song called "We are Siamese ", whereby they precede to jump all over the furniture of the house causing havoc, which they then blame on Lady.

The Lady and The Tramp original film.

The sequel tells the story of scamp, Lady's first pup.

Lucifer- The Meanest Of Disney Cats

Lucifer is a rather nasty cat and probably one of the badest I know. He first appears in the 1950's film "Cinderella.

Lucifer is a large black cat with a nasty big grin and who is the spoilt pet of one of the films nasty characters, Lady Tremaine. Throughout the film whenever he appears he is always up to no good and can be counted on to downright nasty and underhand.

Cinderella's plans are always under threat from Lucifer, who really doesn't like her and can't wait to get her into trouble with his master, her wicked step mother.


Figaro is a cute black and white kitten in the 1940 film "Pinocchio". He belongs to the wood carver make Geppetto, who later creates Pinocchio.

Figaro is a rather playful cute kitten who although at first seems rather spoilt he has a heart of gold and soon becomes a friend to Pinocchio.

Although Figaro's part in the film is small, he was much loved and was given his own cartoon show. He also appeared several times in Minnie Mouse short films as her pet cat. However in these he was portrayed a little meaner and more cat like, often tormenting Pluto the dog.

The Aristocats

These have to be my number one favourite Disney cats. They include Thomas O'Malley a street wise Tom cat. Duchess a beautiful white cat who has three kittens, Toulouse, Marie and Berlioz.

During their adventures together they are also joined by a group of cats known as the Alley cats, lead by Scat cat. The alley cats love to play music and throughout the film often have little musical scenes.

The film is all about how the cats have to find their way back home again after being kidnapped by the jealous butler of their owner and dumped far from home.

The Cat From Outer Space

This is the only Disney film amongst my favourites where a real cat is used in the film. It s a typical 1978 film filled with many unlikely capers and upsets along the way.

The films plot is all about a cat called Jake who comes to earth from a spacecraft and through special powers is able to communicate with humans as well as perform feats such as levitations and predictions. Naturally a bad guy discovers the cat's powers and tries to use them for his own monetary gain.

As you can imagine all sorts of fun and games ensue with the final outcome being that Jake the cat decides to stay on planet earth with his new human friends rather than return home. Ah hi love a happy ending.

A great film for all the family. Love it every time I see it.

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