distressed cat

by jason rouleau
(toronto ont)

my cat female cat had a messy bowl movement today got it all over her tail and what not. then she was meowing and panting... dont know what order just woke up and these symptoms were there.. she has been having heavy breathing all day the panting has stopped. she also appear to have something wrong with her right leg or maybe something internal near her leg.. she will lye down breathe heavy then meow move around her right leg then repeat

I'm afraid with the symptoms you describe the only way to tell for sure whats going on is for a proper physical examination from a vet.

It does sound to me like a possible spinal issue which can affect the bowels.But what has caused this I could not say and as I say you will need to take her to see a vet as soon as you can. In the meantime jut keep her in and and as comfortable as you can. Make sure her litter tray and fresh water are near by her for easy access.

I hope she is better soon


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