distressed persian cat

by stella
(auckland - nz)

Hello, my 6year old part persian cat has been acting strange for the last two weeks. She urgently requires to scratch and hold down her tail while scratching and she seems very distressed in doing so and then she will let out a cry. After a while she will settle down, but then she starts all over. I have brushed her but this does not help for long. Any suggestions please???

Answer by kate

Hi sounds to me like she is either being bitten by something or has an allergic reaction.

the tail area is a very common area for fleas and other parasites, some of which can be very difficult to see.

I don't know if you are treating your cat for fleas regualry or not but if not then it my be a good idea to start giving her the monthly spot on flea treatments

Take a close look at the skin under the fur also to see if you can see any irritation or signs of a parasite. Perhaps you could also gently wash the area with a mild solution of water and either a cat shamphoo or flea shamphoo if you do suspect fleas.

If you don't think it is a paraste problem it could be an allergic reaction to something, sometimes cetain types of food can cause a reaction or substances around the home

At the end of the day if nothing works then perhaps a trip to the vets may be needed to see if there are any other possible causes of this behaviour.

best wishes Kate

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