do cats enjoy the little things we do for them?

by firestar
(corpus christi)

im a cat freak!i have a cat,i read a cat series called warriors,iv got all the warriors books,my favorite cat in the book is firestar and im planning to change my name to firestar!!!iv also got a cat room,and i was wondering do cats like the way we humans treat them?you know by feeding them slop instead of letting them hunt,giving them cute names like princess,declawing them,neutering them,only letting them outside when we deside,letting them go potty in a box,dressing them in clothes,training them,putting them on cat leashes,and bathing them in sinks.I would rather be a cat than a human.because when you look at it humans are plain mean to cats. Do they really enjoy what humans do?please answer cats are my life!iv spent all my life with cats and im 10.thank you!!!

Answer by Kate
well my 10 year old friend. you do seem to be taking on a very big question here. And I don't think there is a definitive answer as no one can really know what a cat thinks.

However I always believe that cats always remain wild inside, ie they always retain their natural instincts and so do not become fully domesticated like dogs. I also believe that they have a mind of their own and if they felt that they were not happy with living with their humans then they would leave. In fact I have known some cats to do this.

So I think the answer is, you should treat them with kindness and respect, feed them good quality food, give them somewhere warm and comfortable and provide them with all the medical care they need. And if your lucky they will stay with you their whole life.

best wishes Kate

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