do i have to put my cat down?

One of my cats has been acting really weird for nearly 48hrs, Moving slow and acting like he is not all there, everytime my boyfriend or i touch him he starts growling at us. He is 5yrs old and always has been an attention seeking cat always wants to be pet and cuddled. Now he has been just laying there and randomly growling, he has stopped eating, drinking and even using the litterbox. He does go in the litter box but doesnt do anything. i was thinking he is constipated. Now everytime he trys to get up he lets out this really loud cry/ a dying noise. i have called the vet but sadly their closed today.

I had to put my other cat in the bedroom because at first he would see if he was ok now he just plain attacks him. Iam also pregnant and due pretty soon i was told this may be a jealous thing but i dont understand why he isnt eating, drinking, pooping and just acting really mean. he is a huge tabby looking cat like the size of small dog maybe a bit bigger.

Answer by KAte
Something is definitely wrong for your cat to show all of these symptoms together. As soon as the vets are open again I would get him in there without delay.

i really don't think it is a jealous thing as his symptoms are too severe for that.

Don't worry yet though, it may be something simple that the vet can sort out for you, not need to think the worse just yet. the important thing is that he is seen as soon as possible by the vet.

i hope he is Ok again soon best wishes Kate

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