Do u get my kittys moods

by Meaghan

I have a 5mth old kitten her names Onxy. She loves to get attention

and to be patted but she gets in these moods where she will run of away from u and hide. its like she wants attention and then her brain clicks and she feels the need to hide all the sudden even from me and she loves me! now I don't know if she just needs time allown or if its cuz she spooks essay which she dose,after all I don't know whay shes been throught cuz she was a rescue kitten can u help me figure it out?

Answer by Kate
i Meaghan
trying to figure out our cats moods and why hey do certain things is sometimes almost impossible and I wouldn't waste much time on them. Just accept your cat and the way she is for herself.

It does sound to me like she could be a very nervous cat and this may have been triggered by her previous experiences in life. Some cats are just like his and when she runs and hides don't take it personally. She may just have suddenly become spooked and needs some time alone. the worst thing you can do is o ry and chase her or get her ot, let her have her quiet time and she will come to you eventually.

best wishes kate

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