Does alone equal lonely for my cat?

My 7yr old female cat has always had people/cat company, but I recently moved (sister and I were sharing home). She is now alone all day, four days a week. She's always been timid and not very social, but should I be concerned about her being alone so much? Or do cats handle the solitude okay? p.s. I leave the radio on for her while I'm gone. Thanks for your advice.

Well this is a tricky one to answer really as just like some humans, some cats are better at being alone than others even if they have had company before.

Generally cats are fine as long as they have enough to keep them stimulated. By this i mean they are able to do and follow all their cat instincts such as hunting, climbing, chasing etc All which is either carried on outside if they are allowed outside or are simulated inside by various different toys etc please see this page for more on this

It can sometimes be a mistake to believe that getting another cat will solve the problem as their are no guarantees that they will get along and could lead to further problems.

Basically as i say it is all down to the individual cat as to how they adapt to the new circumstances. Cats do like routine and so as long as they know what time you come home, when they get fed and played with etc then usually they are Ok.

good luck with your move and I hope your cat settles down in your new home. You may be interested in this page also on my site

best wishes kate

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