Does my cat have a heart problem?

My five year old Himalayan/Siamese female cat I believe has a heart problem. In the past she has had a problem of throwing up all her food. Last night I could tell she was not feeling well and in the evening she threw up all her food. Then I could physically see her heart was beating extremely fast or on a wrong beat. It got worse and soon as she sat their I could hear the pounding of her heart. She went into the litter box and went to the bathroom it was very bad smelling and runny. She didn't cover it up and even didn't make it all in the box. However she was not crying just sat or lay down. Do you have any clues on what this is, do you think it is heart arithmea?


Answer by Kate
Hi, I would definately not assume that there is anything wrong with your cats heart in the first instance. The only way of telling if there are heart issues is for a vet to take a listen to the heart. they will be able to hear if the heart is beating strangely or if they have leaky valaves etc.

A cats heart beat can change due to other causes, distress etc, so it may just be that she has something else wrong which is causing her discomfort or distress.

Your best option is to take her to the vet so that he can examine her thoroughly and diagnose the problem fully. if there are heart issues you will be able to discuss these also.

My old cat had a heart murmur for years, it caused her no difficulty or pain and she was not on medication for it as the vet said that it was not warranted. So if there are heart issues then it's not always a case for concern. But your vet will be able to explain things more fully with you when you visit.

i do hope all is well again soon

best wishes Kate

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