Does my cat have worms and is being sick

by Harriet
(Northwest England)

Cat Heath Question

My male cat Yoshi has been being sick recently he jumps off whatever he is sat on and starts to gag. I have never known him to cough up hairballs or any other cats I've had. The first time i saw do it i picked him up and placed him in the bath he puked up and it was a sort of creme colour almost white. he was fine afterwords. The second time he did it was a couple of weeks later but this time the sick was a very dark brown and had two pretty big worms in it. I'm really worried about it. yesterday we gave him some worming tablets and he seems fine, but then again he always seems fine before throwing up... Also is it worth mentioning that we live in the countryside so there is always lots of dead things that he would probably eat if he came across?

My other cat Minnie who is Yoshis mother was also given a worm tablet just it case. today i picked her up to check her bum and i noticed that she had a bald patch at the base of her tail and it's a little bit scabby. I thought it could be because she was licking her bum because of the worms but I'm not a vet so, yeah. She doesn't lick herself too much, mean i haven't noticed an increase in licking or anything.

please respond.

Answer by KAte
yes it does sound like worms to me they can pick them up from fleas and eating dead animals. SO making sure they are wormed regularly is going to be very important for you.

the worm treatment kills the adult worms and not the larvea so you may have to give another worm does in a few weeks to a months time.

However it does sound to me like your cats may have a bad case of worms and so you may notice symptoms for some time as they try to pass the worms.

If you notice any other symptoms then take them to a see a vet in case the infestation needs special medication.

Also there are different types of cat worm and some only respond to medication given my the vet, heart worm for instance. However it is best to speak to your vet about which worms need to be treated in your area.

i have a couple of pages about cat worms which you may find of further information here

best wishes Kate

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