donna english

by donna
(norfolk england)

hi im treacle

hi im treacle

i have a five month old kitten we took him to the vets recently for his injections the vet told us he was very under weight although he weighed 1.83kg we have wormed him but now he is not eating very well litle bits here and there and now he weighs 1.45kg we have to take him back to the vet tuesday 3rd june for his second part of the injection what can i do he is half burmese / british short hair. When we took him to the vets first time he was very sleepy and lost the use of his back legs he always sat on the window sill and with the hot weather we didnt know if he had slight heat stroke but now he is full of life and playfull and meows alot please help . we have two other short hairs and the eldest of 11 loves him but the one of 6 doesnt always hissing at him im sorry to run on but treacle is very speial and we love all of them

thank you

also from mergo ( british blue )
sabbath ( british shorthair black )
and treacle ( british shorthair / burmese red )

Answer by Kate
This is difficult to answer as i am not a vet and would hope that your vet would be giving you more advice on how to build him up. Also if the vet is concerned about his weight i would have thought that he would carry out some blood tests to see if he has any thyroid problems etc. When you vist the vet next, let him know that you are worried about the weight and ask for their professional opnion as to what to do next.
I hope all works out well as your kitten is adorable, hopefully he is just a slow developer and will catch up soon. Also, don't worry if after their injections they are a little less like themselves, sometimes some cats react a little badly after an injection but should soon bounce back, Our cat Little Mo is terrible after every injection, it always makes us feel bad but we know we are protecting her in the long run from far nastier illnesses. :)

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