Doughy Our 24 Year Old Cat

by Jerry Williams
(Cornelia, Ga. 30531)

This is a short story about Doughy. Doughy is a 24 year old rescue from my mothers house in 1983. She is a small Calico described by the the Vet as a false calico this is the best cat I ever had the privilege of owning and loving and knowing, she is so sweet and gentile most people can't believe she was actually wild when I got her, one of my life's highlights.

unfortunately all of her siblings died from one thing or another but I managed to save one, (My Doughy). Just to let other people know that just because a cat is feral does not mean they can not be a faithful pet, loving and a joy to have in your life.

I JUST WISH dOUGHY COULD BECOME FAMOUS IN HER LIFE TIME, not only for her longevity but for the love she has shared with everyone she meets, including our cat Lilly, and our Pom-Chichiua. They all love Doughy.

Doughy is starting to go down hill a bit, but I feel she still has a few good years left. It will be a very sad day when she decides to go, but I don't think I could ever put her to sleep. Thank You God for the best cat ever.

Jerry Williams Cornelia Georgia

24 year old cat
by: Anonymous

We have a 24 year old calico, that has gone through right hind paralysis, ideopathic rodent tumors that became infected, and is now tumor free, and moving just fine.

When she got up one night and dragged her tail and right hindquarters, we rushed her to the emergency vet and after spending 2k on specialists (neurological workups) we were told that she probably had a stroke or cancerous spinal
tumor and had weeks, maybe a month to live.

It's now been close to a year, and after our home vet put her on prednisone for 2 weeks, she regained full use of her back, legs, tail and resumed running up and down 3 flights of stairs dozens of times a day, jumping on and off laps and beds, too.

The rodent tumors also got controlled briefly with prednisone. However after a few months, returned.
I put my cat on an organic diet of JUST Paul Newman's salmon and chicken, and spring water in a glass bowl, and she's fine.

I believe that cats are much more sensitive to food pollutants and additives than most vets and people think. When she started developing kidney disease over a year ago, my vet and lots of articles suggested restricting her protein intake. HOWEVER, my last elderly (22 year old) calico also developed kidney disease and while I fed her rx cat food - expensive, low in protein and the cat hated it - she wound up having to be hydrated at home 2x daily. So this time, I read some alternative ideas about diet, and found that many holistic vets considered the quality of the protein fed the issue.

So I found Paul Newman's organic cat food, made with the same organic Bell and Evans chicken that I eat, no fillers. I add a bit of water to the food so my cat has a higher water intake, and so far she's fine.

very loved
by: Anonymous

Well, she sounds as though she is very much loved. 24 years is a great achievement, and I think it's very rare for a cat. Why don't you contact your local paper and tell them about her? Never know!

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