Dr, William Wallace Vet

by Kelly Pritchard
(Santa Barbara, California)

Airport Animal Hospital, 500. N. Storke Road, Goleta, California. 93117.

I have known and used Dr. Wallace as my Vet since he started his practice in the 1970s, He lived in my town, I saw him everywhere and his office was the closest. He has been there for me if I had puppies needing Vaccinnes, or elderly pets put to sleep in my arms. He will drop everything if he can, and address my worries over my beloved pets if they've done something silly like eat a hot pepper and I in my old age, can't figure it out. He is gentle and good with the animals he treats and they are not afraid of him, even when it's their time to go because of incurable disease or untreatable pain which comes with old age. We have watched each other raise and love our pets, he has always brought his dogs to work, and has an office cat which is there to make all the animals feel calm. His cages are clean in the back, and he has a partner who specializes in small animals cats included. Like me, he is older too, but unlike me everyone of his days is filled with the animals he loves, a full waiting room of loyal patients who have been with him forever.

He spent some time as an elected county supervisor of the County of Santa Barbara, and was well loved and respected in the political arena, but it took him away from his beloved Vet practice and patients and so he chose to retire from politics after serving a couple of terms and realized he had to make a choice of what he wanted to do with his life.

He knows I am poor, but has never made that an issue when treating my animals. He has been a good friend to me and my pack. I highly recomend the Airport Animal Hospital in Santa Barbara County, town of Goleta.

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