eating disorder loosing weight

I brought home another cat and since then my other cat 13 years old has went from being plump to being skin and bones and acts like hes starving,but he eats alot.He never really ate alot of people food,but now will eat almost anything and acts like he cant get enough and runs when he thinks you drop food or call him.We leave a full bowl of his favorite hard food down all day for him and fresh water.He eats and sometimes he vomits his food up and sounds like hes trying to throw up a hairball but never does just vomits.He meows a lot when going to the bathroom.Can anybody help me out.

Answer by Kate
Please take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. It sounds to me like he either has Diabetes or a thyroid problem (it may be something else but the symptoms are in line with either of these conditions)

My own cat had a thyroid issue. She ate like a horse and got thinner and thinner. When we took her to the vet they said that she was losing so much weight that Muscle was now being eaten away and that was why she was getting weaker and weaker. She is fine now by the way after treatment.

I hope your cat is better soon

best wishes KAte

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Eating Disorder Losing Weight
by: Mary in NC

I TOTALLY agree with Kate.

My "Snickers" is 12 years old and went through these same symptoms about a year ago.
She all of a sudden became very food agressive and seemed to never get enough.
She was looking very thin and her fur was no longer silky.
A trip to the vet and bloodwork did reveal she has Thyroid Disease.
Once placed on her Thyroid meds "which are NOT expensive" she made a complete recovery and is now a healthy senior cat.
Anytime your cat changes from their normal routine, eating, elimination or moods, there is definatly a reason that needs to be addressed.

Your vet is the prime authority in diagnosing your cat.
Best wishes to you and your kitty.

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