Effects From Allergy Shot

by Kasey

I took my Calico Tabby to the vet on the 25th of this month for the sores on the back of her neck and ears after I put a temporary flea collar on her. I inherited her from my grand mother who passed away in February of this year and my cat has never been to the vet. The vet that I went to said some of the irritation was from the fleas as well as the collar. So he gave her an allergy shot and her required by law rabies shot. The first day she got home, she was fine. But the last few days, she hasn't been herself. She's been anti-social and hasn't had hardly anything to do with me. She's eating and drinking, but her behavior is worrying me. Please help!

well as you know vaccinations do contain a mild dose of the illness so that the body can build up an immunity against the illness. Sometimes this can make a cat feel unwell for a few days and so it would not be unusual for them to want to be left alone etc.

Of course she may still be feeling a little unwell from either the cat flea collar (which can poison some cats see this story https://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-flea-collars.html )or the fleas which in themselves can carry viruses etc.

It is good to hear that she is eating and drinking and so she may just feel a little under the weather and want some peace and quiet.

my advice would be to leave it a few more days and see if her behavior returns to normal.

if not then you could telephone your vets for some advice. This is perfectly ok and should be part of the continuing care you receive from your vets.

Hope your cat is back to their old selves soon


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