Elderly male (neutered) frequently trying to have sex with my elderly spayed female cat.

by Sue McDavid
(Leland, MI USA)

I have a 15 year old neutered male and he won’t stop mounting my spayed 14 year female. This started about 4+ years ago. He bites her neck and looks like he is trying to have sex with her. He used to do it once in a while now he does it several times a day. She just lays there. Sometimes she gets away and runs a few feet away and then looks back like she is waiting for him. Most of the time she acts like she does not like it and she gets mad. It's quite upsetting. Why are they doing this at their age? He'll even do it in a room full of people. Its got to stop its embarassing. Other than that, he is a sweetheart. What should I do? Help….

well this is either play (sometimes they will do the same biting on the back of the neck etc during play. The fact that your female cats seems to be waiting for him does suggest that it may all be part of a game) or there may be a hormone imbalance which simulates the same urges a non neutered tom gets. the only way to tell this would be for your vet to do some blood work.

My guess is that it could be games. Does he also simulate the actually rocking motion of mating?if not then its more than likely just a game. If he does then it may be worth having the vet take a look at him. If he does have a hormone problem the vet can prescribe medication to sort this out.

best wishes kate

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Another possible answer to subject behavior
by: Sue McDavid

As a follow-up to prior comments, my vet said that the male cat might have a tiny tumor either on his pituitary or adrenal gland (can't remember which) that would cause an increase in testosterone. Conventional vet x-ray machines cannot pick up such a tiny tumor so I would have to go to the state university school of veterinary science to pursue this further (200 miles away). I probably would not have surgery for this anyway; believe it would be too dangerous based on my cat's age.

Therefore, I have just begun using a spray water bottle and use it to spray the male in the face if he appears to be too aggressive, which isn't too often. It seems to help a lot.

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