Eliminating Outside the litterbox

by Stacy
(Boston, MA)

My cat has been eliminating in various areas of my apartment. When he was a kitten it was behind the couch, now its on the kitchen floor same spot every time. He doesn't do it everyday. and its always when we are home and in the very early hours of the morning (3-4am). we have tried EVERYTHING!! two litter boxes, moving things, spraying things,etc. he never urinates anywhere but the litterbox, but he will eliminate outside the litter box. We clean his litter box EVERY time he uses it, we wash it once a week. The litterbox is in a safe place to him bc sometimes he just goes over there and hangs out (not in the litter box) but in the area. I am at witts end trying to figure out whats going on, i strongly believe its behavioral but i have no idea what to do to stop it!

Answer by Kate
It could be what is known as Middening which is a behaviour issue, please see my page here about middening https://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-poo.html as it is quite a complicated issue and i warn you know is not something that is easily solved.
Don't dispair and don't blame your cat, he is not being naughty he is expressing his anxiety. Also make sure you clean the areas where he elimated throughly so that no smell is left, perhaps use some baking soda to be sure as any remaining smell will encourage him to use the same place again.
best wishes

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