Excessive meowing

by Dionni
(San Antonio, TX)

L to Rt Chelya (female) and Gizmo (male)

L to Rt Chelya (female) and Gizmo (male)

I am going crazy with my 13 year old male cat. He won't stop meowing...loudly. He has fresh water constantly from a filtered drinkwell fountain, always has clean litter since we have a littermaid and always has food in his bowl. He was taken to the vet in September of 2008 and has a clean bill of health. I am almost 5 months pregnant and I understand that this might be a reason but my other cat is not behaving the same way at all. My other cat is only 3 years old and is a female. Anyway, he wanders the house and meows louder than he ever has his whole life and is extremely demanding of me to be in my lap when ever he feels like it. I work from home so he is not left alone for any length of time. I am going insane, is there anything I can do to stop him from yelling all the time?

Answer by Kate
ummm, well my first thought here is that it may have something to do with his age. As cats get older they can suffer from illness such as dementia, loss of hearing or sight etc. When this happens their behaviour can change and meowing is often one of the symptoms. I have a web page about this here for more information

As for trying to stop the meowing, I know from my own experience this is impossible and the only thing you can do, after trying everything else like feeding, playing, stroking etc is to separate them from you by either letting them outside or keeping them in a separate room.

I know it can be maddening and I certainly have days when Little Mo can get under my skin. But like any other member of the family you learn to cope with their ways and do your best to manage the situation.

best wishes Kate

Love the picture, they certainly look happy together.

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Thank you!
by: Dionni

This information is extremely helpful to myself and my husband, who only knows Gizmo for 5 years now. The loud excessive meowing seems to indeed be due to his age and he is insistent on being on my lap and more frequently then ever. He paces from room to room and now I am glad that I have been playing classical calming music for him to help keep him calm and I didn't even know that it would help! Thank you again!

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