Extremely sick cat!!!!

by Torri

Our cat Ripley has been rapidly losing weight lately. He's become lethargic, and his right eye is extremely watery. He used to eat dry food, but we've been trying to give him anything to help him gain weight (he is down to bones). He refuses to eat, and when he does, it's an extremely small amount. He is drinking the same amount of water, and will just lick the moisture off of wet food now. We've taken him to the vet previously for his weight. They tested for diabetes among other things, and hundreds of dollars later, we still had no answers. They gave him a steroid shot about a year ago, and those usually seemed to help (however, they weren't for the same illness: they thought he might have cat allergies because his eyes were so watery). He's mainly an indoor cat, but used to go outside sometimes (We thought he could have gotten worms/other parasites from eating mice, which would explain his weight loss. However, the vet tests were negative, and we wormed him regardless, with no improvement). His weight has gone up and down ever since we got him, but now, he's gotten so sick. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Please help

Do you know if your vet did tests for a thyroid condition? I ask as I had a cat who as you say went down to skin and bone, but she was still eating and this was a sign of a thyroid condition.

if your cat is not eating then the weight loss is due to that, so the the question would be what is stopping him from eating. I wonder if he has something stuck in his nose or throat which is both causing him to find eating very difficult or painful and may also be the cause of the watery eye.

My advice is to take him to another vet. i often find that getting a second opinion is worth so much, as the approach can be so different from one vet to another.

I really do feel for you as watching your cat waste away like this is awful. you need answers and I'm afraid the only way that is going to happen is for more tests etc to be carried soon.

I wish you all the best in discovering your cats illness and successful treatment.

best wishes Kate

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