Fearful resident cat after new cat arrives

by Linda
(New York)

We adopted a one and a half year old female cat. We already have a seven year old male. We separated the cats for a few days then slowly let out the new female cat for an hour or two every night. Weekends, we try to leave them both out as long as we're home and around to supervise. Our resident male cat will not come out from under our bed when the new female is out. He won't come out to eat if she's out either. As soon as we lock her up in another bedroom, he will slowly come out to eat and drink and use the litterbox. Otherwise, he hides under the bed. It's been two weeks now and still no progress.

Any helpful hints? Will he ever feel safe enough to come out or will I have to lock her up every day to have him come out to eat and drink?

Answer by Kate

well he my never feel completely happy to be around while the other cat is there but in time he should feel a little more confident.

I assume both acts are neutered / spayed as this is the first thing to make sure is done

Other than that have you tried the introduction method using a carrier. This method allows the cats to be near each other without the fear or attack. the process is describe fuller here


Often time is the best option, two weeks is still rather early so i wouldn't worry to much at the moment.

best wishes Kate

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