Fearful resident cat

by Linda
(New York)

We have an 8 year old male that was used to living with another cat. We had to put our 14 y/o female down about 10 months ago. The two never really got along well, but lived together openly and tolerated one another.

We just adopted a year and a half y/o female calico. We put the new female in a room upstairs for about a week. Blackie, our resident cat would not come out from under the bed for the entire week. Not even to eat or drink. All the while, the new cat was locked up. So we decided to lock Blackie up in another bedroom and let the new cat out to explore. That was another week. We introduced both cats to each other slowly, but Blackie only hisses at her and runs straight under the bed. The new cat just sits and looks at her under the bed. He will not come out from under the bed.

Blackie was always a fearful kind of cat that didn't really show much affection. Whenever we have people over, Blackie hides til everyone leaves. The new cat is very friendly and affectionate and loves people. Two totally different personalities. I just don't know what to do anymore. It's been a full month now and Blackie will not tolerate the new cat at all. We have to keep one cat or the other locked up so Blackie will come out to eat and drink...otherwise, he won't, for days. I love, love, love the new cat and really don't want to find her a new home. I can't leave the house or go to work and leave the two cats alone without one of them locked up. I always have to keep one locked up so Blackie will at least eat, drink, and go to the bathroom.

Will Blackie always be like this? Any advice?

Answer from Kate
sadly some cats simply don't like living with other cats and are happier being the only pet in the home. this is often why some animals shelters will recommned certain cats for single occupancy.

I dont know what to say. yes he may always be like this or over time he may start to settle down but there really is no way of knowing.

Have you spent time with both cats in the same room? this may be something to try as it may help to get to know each other in a safe environment. See this page for more on this introduction process


best wishes Kate

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