female cat aggression toward male cat with diabetes

by linda jean

i am getting to point i think i must give away one of my cats.

i have 9 yr old declawed fixed female in house with a 2 yr old fixed
declawed male.
a month ago our sweet large neutered male cat who is one of 3 that
stay in barn/and our property was diagnosed with diabetes.
i naturally moved him in the house (with the 2 already inside) and
kept him in my large bathroom to tend to with insulin shots, special diet
and all. during this time the other cats could get used to him under
the door and about 2 wks ago i let the sick male come out in my closed
bedroom during the day while i was gone. every nite after his insulin
shot he goes back and sleeps in the closed bathroom.
i have now opened the house to the sick cat when i am home and the 2
year old male has no problem with him.
however the 9 yr old alpha female is driving me crazy! I am exhausted
with all the litter boxes, insulin shots, etc etc and i have been
very patient with the female telling her shes good girl, "hes" good boy
and trying to get her to accept her. she refuses. has not yet bit him
but continually hisses or chases the poor sick boy to running back
to his bathroom. my sick boy and myself do not need this stress and
although i love all my cats, my heart is truly with my diabetes sick
"sandy" as he needs and i can help him.
i dont see that i have any other choice except to find HER the agressor
another home, though i feel guilty as i know she is jealous cause
she loves me. by the way, the alpha is a tortie, and my sick male
is orange. any words of advise?? thx so much!! linda

Answer by KAte
Hi Linda. All i can suggest is that you perhaps go through a controlled introduction period with your cats. It is done in such a way as they can have contact with each other without the fear of attack etc. eventually their confidence in each other should be built up and the fighting should reduce.

the process does take a little time and effort but many people have used it and have had some good results.

the process is described here

best wishes Kate

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