female cat gone crazy

by corbin
(eugene, OR)

Our female cat had kittens about 3 weeks ago. She had some medical problems recently called mastitis, which she is now getting over. Then today all of a sudden she lashed out at our male cat. It was so bad that the neighbors heard the noices from the cats fighting and called the police thinking somone was getting killed. 4 police showed up and checked the whole house after finally convincing them it was the cats and showing the cat scratches. We were able to lock the male cat outside on a balcony and the female inside with her kittens. About 2 hours later she then snapped again and jumped onto us instead causing lots and of serious scratchs to my girlfiend then after my girlfriend got her off she ran. Then my cat jumped onto my leg climbed up me to my arm, thats when i threw her across the room and she hit the wall hard. No joke that didn't stop her she came right back my girlfriend has locked herself in the bathroom now. Cat jumped onto a chair to get a good jump on me. I was able to knock the chair down before she could. Then she ran back to her kittens across the room i was able to sneak away at that time. Decided the best was to lock the female cat onto the balcony instead so i climbed through the window brought the male cat in can closed the door. Threw a towel over her and literally was able to throw her out the door before she thrashed her way out of the towel. When she attacked we were not near her kittens or even talking loud or bothering her at all. She walked all the way across the room to come attack us..walked didn't run just walked up slowly and pounced.

Answer by Kate
Oh my goodness that sounds very strange indeed. Either your cat is suffering from some sort of illness perhaps a hormone imbalance which has caused her to react so aggrssivily. Or ytour cat is feeling very very scared and threatened and is over protectctive of her kitten. yje attackes sound so bad that i would suggest that you telephone the vet to see if they have come across this level of aggresion before, they may have something that will calm her down.

Sorry i can't be of more help.

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