Female cat licking private parts alot.

My cat has all of a sudden started licking her privates alot. I am wondering if she has a bladder infection or worms. She seems to be using the litter box fine and she has no fleas. What could this mean?

answer by Kate
well there can be several reasons why a cat would start to wash more often in that area. And yes you are right worms is one reason. Another could be an infection of some sort like a urinary problem or tummy issue. Also if your cat goes outside she may have been mated (this can happen even if they are spayed and although no pregnancy will occur the act can cause some discomfort for a while).

You could try worming your cat to see if the problem goes away or if you feel that the grooming is getting worse then a trip to the vets will be needed.

page about worming for further information

Keep an eye on her for a day or so and see if the condition eases if not then as I say if you feel that there could be something wrong in that area then the vets is the only answer.

Hope all is well soon

best wishes Kate

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