Female cat litter box problem

by Heidi Toepel
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

My female cat of 5 years has recently started pooping in front of her litter box, and spraying in front of it as well. How do I stop it? She has never done this before.

Answer by Kate
This kind of behavior is normally displayed when something has changed in the home recently. It might be something small, like moving the furniture or a strange vistor to the house. or it could simply be because the litter tray smells different, ie has another cat been in it or has the litter changed.
The problem is to identify the cause of your cats upset and to try and rectify it.
It really does sound like that there is something wrong with the litter tray and the cat does not feel secure enough to use it. Make sure it is completely clean and that the litter is the usual one he is used to. make sure the litter tray is in a quiet spot and in an area where the cat will feel safe.

Comments for Female cat litter box problem

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Poo next to box
by: Anonymous

I've been trying to figure out why my cat has pooed directly next to the litter box. We've stuck with the same litter. Its in a quiet place. We have two cats. Tink my two year old never had this problem. But Rosi is a kitten i don't know what to do.

Thank you for the website,
#1 fan

Comment by Kate
have you got separate litter boxes for the cats. it could simply be that your cat has decided that she no longer wants to share a litter box and that the scent of the other cat is upsetting her when it comes to her toilet.

Follow up to female cat litterbox problem
by: Heidi

I just wanted to pot an update to this problem of my 5 year old female cat inappropriately urinating anf deficating in front of her littlebox. I went to the vet to rule out medical. I got some really good information. The "ground zero" problem was me moving her food dish. Also contributing may or may not have been that her litterbox was elevated, causing her to mark it, so I moved it to the floor. I also added a litterbox, as apparantly you need 2 litterboxes for every one cat in the house. I also added a small light, as it used to be almost pitch black. The minute I added the second litterbox, she jumped in while I was filling it!, and has not had an incident since then. Thanks for the advise, and hope this helps someone else.

Great news, I'm glad we could help. Kate (site owner)

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