Female Cat not the same

I have a female cat, she just came out of heat, seemed fine but then one day we came home and everything seemed fine, but then she was growling and hissing at our other cats, she is a small timid little thing and she is not a mean cat either she was the runt, but anyways she would get mad and then run and hide. Then the next day she just wanted to sleep. She would sleep on our bed, not to get up to eat or drink. And she would be cleaning her private constantly. Please help what is wrong?

Well it could be that she has been mated with, is that possible?
her behavior could indicate that she is a little traumatized by the event.

fear with often make a cat aggressive and withdrawn, so something may have happened while you were out.

Give her some time alone away from the other cats for a few days, this will give her time to relax and calm down again, then slowly reintroduce the other cats to her again. This should helps things settle down.

It really is best to have all your cats spayed and neutered. It makes cats much happier and calmer and they don't have to content with all the hormone changes etc. there are also health benefits too for your cat. see my page about this here


best wishes kate

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