female cat still inheat after spay

by J and J deSilva
(Colombo, SriLanka)

Our female cat 'Podi' is about seven years old now. She had two litters between about two and three years of age. We thereafter had her operated on by our local vet after which she has always had a smallish lump in front of and near her right hind leg. The vet said that this was normal and it has remained the same and unchanged to date.

Now even though she had been fixed she used to come into season and mate on a fairly regular basis which was about enery three or four months or so. We thought this was good as she could still mate naturally, During these times she used to have a white discharge about a quarter of an inch in diameter on our floors and this stopped after she mated.
Now she started this same discharge about a month ago and it seems to be continuing unabated and we dont think her friend has mated with her. She seems to be drinking a lot more milk and water than usual and is releasing this discharge almost every few hours. Her eating has not been affected in the least and she seems in the pink of health. Her coat etc is really healthy and she dose not seem to be in any kind of discomfort.
The other thing is she is constantly licking her vagina every time this discharge happens. She is also not passing her stools as regularly as she used to and seems a bit constipated. She also sleeps a lot now.
We feed her mainly as her main meal, red rice boiled with small dried sprats, which we keep in cup
sized containers in the freezer and thaw out daily. In addition she gets (at different times of the day) about a tablespoonfull of dry cat (whiskas) food as a treat and this she positively gobbles down. we also give her milk about three times a day (about a quarter cupfull at a time)
We would be really thankfull if you could shed some light on what these things may mean and look forward to your reply.
Shall try to attach a picture of her as well.
Thank you and kind regards

Jay and Jeff deSilva

Answer from Kate
I have had many cats over the years all of who have been spayed or neutered and none of them have ever had a lump remaining afterwards. So I would not say that it was normal to have a lump after surgery. The only thing i can think of is that it is some sort of scar tissue (unusual) but if this is the case then this is nothing to worry about.

As for your cat still coming into season after she had been spayed well this is completely wrong. Once spayed she should not come into season again and have any desire to want to mate at all. If she is still going into heat etc all i can assume is that she has a hormonal imbalance (or the operation was not done correctly).

Any white discharge is an indication of infection.

If I were you I would find a different vet and get your cat assessed again. Something is definitely not right here and i think your best option is to get a second opinion.

best wishes Kate

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