female cat wierd tail movements

this picture is my princess jasmine

this picture is my princess jasmine

hi I have a 2 yr old tabby female cat she was taken away from her mother when she was only 4 weeks old and we rescued her when she was 7 weeks she always been very close to me more than anyone else I feel she treats me more like a cat than human as at night she will wash my face and put both paws on me no claws to stop me from moving whenever I cry she will lick my tears and when I’m poorly won’t leave my side

but my question is whenever I go to the toilet she will come in and walk up to my legs and shake her tail nothing comes out and then she will just walk away afterwards I have another cat her brother and she looks after him very well but does get jealous if I pay him to much attention

Hoping you can answer my question so I can get a better understanding of how she’s feeling

Thank you
liane riddles

I’m not sure what your question is? I am assuming you are asking why she shakes her tail when you are in the bathroom.

Well as you know cats shake their tail like this when they are spraying and they spray to scent mark the territory with their own urine. Now if you are in the bathroom doing your business she will smell your waste and she may feel the need to add her scent to yours. Now why exactly could be just because this helps her to feel a part of the home environment. Often cats will urinate on beds because this is where their owners scent is the strongest. So this may be something similar.

The fact that nothing comes out when she shakes her tail may simply be because there isn’t anything to come out, but she is certainly displaying the action of spraying.

I don’t think it is anything to worry about; she is just confirming her place in the come and adding her scent to yours.

Best wishes Kate

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