female desexed cat who won't stop meowing

by angel

I have an approx 1 year old female desexed cat. She was attacked about a month ago but before then I was letting her sleep indoors at night due to the cat ownership laws. In the beginning I had a problem with her constantly meowing at night but when she learned I wasn't letting her out she settled down. About 2 weeks after she was attacked she now constantly meows at bedtime and won't stop. She now continuously goes to the curtain to look outside. I have tried playing with her ( although she' isn't a big fan of cat toys.) I have also tried cat nip. I rang the vet who told me to just ignore it and I have sought advice from pet stores and the RSPCA. I have the air diffuser feliway in my room but nothing seems to be helping.

Are you able to help me? It is summer time here so I don't know if that is affecting her behaviour. She is regularly fed at the same time and comes in to go to bed at the same time but I can't figure out what is wrong with her. When I have sought advice some people are stumped because she has been desexed, and she was use ot sleeping indoors. She would be asleep by 9:30-10pm at night and eventually learned that I wouldn't get up except for the alarm.

Canc you help me? I have tried everything from playing with her, to the squirt bottle from feliway and cat nip and nothing seems to be helping. She was a stray but I've had her for nearly a year now and this recent behaviour is driving me and the rest of the family nuts. She wasn't this chatty before.

She sleeps in my room because I can't put her in another room or the bathroom or laundry so any serious suggestions would be appreciated.


Answer by Kate
HI, well the brutal answer is....
there is nothing you can do to stop the behavior. This is a natural behavior for some cats who are naturally more vocal. Night time is the normal time for cats to be most active and if she is a vocal cat then this is part of her night time routine.

There is only one answer and that is to put her in a seperate room with her toyws, bed, water and litter at night. Give her a meal just before you go to bed and lots of attention before you put her in her room. she will egt used to the routine and it may stop her being so vocal but you do have to be persistant and consitant.

Sorry if this was not the answer you were hoping for, but there is no miracle cure, routine is the only answer.

best wishes

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