female kitten peeing and pooping on my sons bed

by confused

My kitten is peeing and pooping on my sons bed,and twice on my bed and once under the couch.

She is female. The vet said there is nothing wrong.My son ( 3 years old) does not mall the cat or anything.The litter box is cleaned ever day.

What can we do to get this to stop.I heard females do this sort of thing but not males. She is not fixed.How can i get the old cat smell out of my sons bed, it leaked into the mattress.

Are male cats easier to care for than females? Do you think a male kitten would this?

Please help me.

Answer by Kate
first of all this is not a female thing, both sexes will do this if there is something upsetting them.

this behavior can be attributed to many things so i have written a page about it here on the sight to give you an insight into some of the possible causes, you will have to discover what is the possible cause for your cat yourself as you are best placed to see whats going on. here is the page

You will see from the page that it is not a naughty behavior but something the cat is responding to. Beds are a favorite spot as it smells most strongly of their family and so this helps to comfort them and they want to add their smell to yours.

Not having her spayed is also an issue and will make this sort of behavior worse as un spayed cats are far more driven and affected by scents and hormones etc so having her spayed will definitely help to calm her down and make her a more contented cat.

as for the smell well their are special cat urine cleaners which contain enzymes which are supposed to neutralize odors etc but i find that bicarbonate of soda good too. see this page for more


best wishes Kate

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