Feral Cat anal leakage

by carrie
(Deer Park, tx,USA)

I rescued a feral cat and her 4 kittens the other day. She is using the litter box but seems to have a drippy poop problem. After she poops in the litter box (not formed but there is alot)it seems to leak out when she is done and walking in to the next room. Unable to take her to the vet being a feral cat. Can not have her doing this in the house but can not put kittens outside due to previous issues with Toms Killing the Kittens and dogs. Please help.

Answer by Kate
Hi well being a feral she may have worms or have eaten something that has upset her tummy. the best thing I can suggest is that you take a look at my web pages about worming and also about cat diarrhoea. they will be able to give you more information about how to deal with either situation.

here are the pages

best wishes and I hope the problem eases soon.


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