Fiesty The Cat

Fiesty the cat . My name is Joyce and this is my cat Fiesty.

Sex: Female 

Fiesty- I CALL HER MY LITTLE GIRL CAT. she loves to chase ice and will even bring it back to you. they are both very special and their feets have never touched the ground. they both live with my husband and i in Missouri

A cat that likes Ice eh, well that is certainly very unusual. Usually cats hate anything cold or hot.  I wonder why she brings ice back to you though. Does she want it rubbed on her fur or does she just see it as a little gift for you. Either way its so sweet. My cat Byron brings me his toy mouse for me to play with him with, just like a dog with his ball. He also has to take one of his toy mice with him to his food bowl. So after a few days every one of his toy mice ends up surrounding his food area. We then put them all back in the toy box and the whole process starts all over again.

Fiesty has some great colour markings on her, I wish there were more cats in my areas which such vivid colours, we seem to have mainly black and white cats and as much as I love all cats, it’s always nice to see different breeds etc.

Fiesty looks like a great character to me and I look forward to seeing more pages about her and her antics in her cat hut. Also if you are visiting Fiesty’s page and would like to leave a message for her please use the comment options on her other pages below, please do not use the form as this is just for Fiestys use.

My Beauty

I am so proud of this picture of Fiesty the cat...she is so alert here,sitting in her favorite spot watching me do dishes..this is an open window between my kitchen and laundry room..course i call her my "little girl cat",but she has grown into a beautiful full grown the way the name fits her perfect!!


They were really playing here~sometimes when in this postition they are fixing to have a real "CAT FIGHT"~But I love them anyway as they are still my babies~and I might add very spoiled babies!

Comment from Kate

My two cats like to rough and tumble too and the game can look very fierce sometimes and just when I start to think that the game is turning into a fight, it all calms down and they are fine again. Usually having to go off and have something to eat as a sort of full stop to the game.

My cat Byron makes this weird little sound when he wants to have a game with his brother, i find it hard to describe. Its not a growl but a high pitched sort of Morse code. it is very strange. i wonder if other cats do this too.

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