Fireworks and Two Scared kitties. Nov 2012

by Kate

Byron feeling A little Sorry For Himself

Byron feeling A little Sorry For Himself

Well It's firework night once again here in the UK. A time when we celebrate the stopping of the gunpowder plot in 1605 and the blowing up of the English Monarchy and parliament.

Kids love it, Adults love it, colourful fireworks, hot jacket potatoes around the fire and something warming and perhaps slightly alcoholic for the adults. But one this is for sure, our animals hate it.

The trouble is that Firework night is no longer held just on one evening any more. People seems to be letting off fireworks for a good two week period and this makes November a really scary time for our cats and pets,

Byron and Shelley have been confined to the house every evening once it gets dark but this hasn't stopped Shelley hiding under the bed every evening. We try our best to help our cats by keeping the curtains shut, having the TV on slightly louder than normal and lots of cuddles and games to help distract them from what's going on outside.

Byron is also nursing a rather nasty cat bite to his leg this week. Something he has suffered a few times before and we are now rather used to. The leg puffed up and he limped around on it for a few days and did lots of sleeping. Finally the abscess burst last night and he seems a lot happier now. We will of course keep a close eye on it and any signs that it is becoming infected again he will be whipped off the vets again. Fingers crossed that won't need to happen.

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