Flea and Tick spray

by Emilie

I just put flea and tick spray on my cat and the bottle said to let her fur air dry but she started licking herself. Is it bad for her to lick that spray? I know it sounds stupid because it is made for cats and it must be safe for them. But she keeps licking herself.

to be honest with you I have never used a cat spray before. I always use the spot on treatment behind the head so that they can't quite reach it to lick it off.

i would have thought that the product would have given you some indication as to what happens when the cat licks it as this is bound to happen. i would assume that it was ok as you can't stop a cat from licking themselves.

If you are concerned phoned the products customer support telephone line there should be a number on the product.

best wishes kate

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Flea Sprays
by: Mary in NC

I have talked to MANY VETS in the USA who tell me that the OVER THE COUNTER SPRAYS are NOT GOOD for your cats.
They ALL contain pesticide and if injested can cause your cat dire illness.
I knew of a lady who runs a small rescue here in the USA who applied a Spray on Flea Product to a cat infested with fleas and the cat began having seizures and died withing 8 hours.
The necropsy (autopsy) showed pesticide poisioning.
Cats are famous for keeping their fur clean.
They LICK OFF anything that appears to be un-natrual. It is best to use the treatments applied behind the neck (as Kate stated) as they cannot lick there. My vet also HIGHLY advises against ALL FLEA COLLARS as they also contain pesticide and only deters fleas from the neck up to the head. Leaving the rest of the body full of fleas.
I adopted a cat some years ago who had worn a flea coller for years prior to coming to me.
A week after he arrived with me he showed signs of illness. He declined rapidly and we went to the vet. Bloodwork showed a large build up of pesticide in his pancreas from the years of wearing flea collars. I almost lost him and he spent 2 weeks in the hospital fighting for his life (and did survive, but barely). I have never bought one of those things EVER again.
Always refer to a qualified VET for what treatment is safe for your animal.
The over the counter stuff is not only dangerous but useless to a large degree.
Mary in NC (USA)

Comment from kate
Thanks Mary, Here in the UK I don't think flea sprays are very common at all and so I know little about them. To be honest with you they do seem a bit of a daft idea as cats will always lick their fur if you put something on it.

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