found a six week old kitten

by liz chinnick
(chatham canada )

when kitten has a poop it has mucus in the poop . also has the runs .

Answer by Kate
Kittens can have tummy upsets often as their system is settling down to new food or solid food etc. In fact at 6 weeks old they would normally only be feeding from their mothers milk. So it may well be that his system is trying to adjust to the food you are giving him,

here is a page about kitten weaning

Keep an eye on him, make sure he gets plenty of fresh water not cows milk as this causes diarrhea and only give small amounts of a god quality kitten food.

If nothing changes in another 4 or 5 days then perhaps a visit to the vets would be a good idea to make sure that there are no underlying illnesses causing his problems.

I have some pages about kitten care which you may find of further interest. here is the first page

best wishes Kate

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