Found my cat paralyzed

by Sharon

my cat just turned 17 years old a few months ago I came home from work and found her somewhat paralyzed she couldn't sit up on her own I had to hold her up to eat. She got better and stronger each day and within a couple of weeks was walking around again.

At first she walked like she was drunk but a little stiff but more normal. The problem is that when she goes to sleep her body starts violently jerking sometimes to the point where she will actually fly of the couch or chair that she is sleeping on and hit the floor. The minute she wakes up she seems fine. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what this could be.

You have not mentioned if you have taken her to see a vet yet or not. I assume that the fact you have not mentioned it that you have not.

This is the first thing to do, she is old and needs extra supportive care and this can mean more trips to the vets and also possible medication.

It is impossible to say what is causing your cats condition but it does sound rather like the fact that she is having fits. If this is the case there is medication which can help reduce these fits from happening. It is important to get this sorted out as she may hurt herself during a fit, ie fall and also the fits may be causing other damage to her brain .

As i say she is very old now and needs to be checked by a vet at least twice a year at this stage of her life as this is when all sorts of possible cat illnesses can occur and the earlier they are caught the better the outcome for your cat.

I have a page here on the site about older cats and their care which you may find of further interest here

I hope she is better soon


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