Found stray kittens 10/13/09

by Nydia colon
(Bronx,n y)

Found stray baby kittens they look about 4 to 6 weeks not so sure. I've been feeding them dry cat/kitten food for about a week and their stool is soft like yogurt is this fine or should I feed them something else? What can I feed them being that they no longer have their moms milk? They seem healthy,very playful and are eating the food. How can I tell how old they are? Two of them look like they weight about 2lbs. And the other looks about 1 1/2 lb. They run around pretty fast and don't wobblie . They climb and jump out of boxes. Another thing I'm wondering is that one of the kittens tummy is a little weird. On the chest/stomach area it has a few tiny flat pinkish,redish spots that kind of resemble birthmarks. Along with the birthmark looking spots it also has a soft quarter size and shape lump on the middle of her stomach area. It kind of looks like a pushed out belly button. I just wondering if this means it has worms or something worse. If you can please help me out with some of these problem it would be great because I'm trying to find homes for them and as of right now I can't afford to take them to a vet yet. Beside the lump and spots she's still eating and playing alot. I had google it and the answers I got was that the kitten could have either worms or a hernia . I've checked the kittens stool and behind for worms but haven't notice any. Please help. Thanxs

Answer by Kate
Well I would always recommend taking very young kittens to see a vet as soon as possible. they are often very vulnerable to illness and without their mothers milk can be suffering deficiencies.

i am not really able to give you specific answers to your questions i as i feel it would be better for a vet to look them over and give you a fuller overall picture of their health and any problems they may have.

i do have lots of web pages about how to look after kittens and i hope they will be able to give you more information about their care and nutritional needs etc. here is the first page

best wishes Kate

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I feel bad
by: Arvella

Well for the kittens if you can afford it go get them kitten formula. The formula helps with giving them the the vitamins that they would get from their mom trust me it helps alot. As for the spots they could either have a little bit of mange. Do they have flees if so how bad? Because my cat has that same problem but because she itches so much its causing her to leave what we call blood spots. And as for the lump in her stomic I dont really know what that is. It could be a hernia or it could be worms. I recomend that you deworm them anyway because you can't always see the diffrent types of worms in the stools. Good luck.

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