Funny Cat Clips
Some are Cute, Some Are Just Silly

Who doesn't love funny cat clips or video? No one , i thought so.

Here are just a few of my favorites sent in by site visitors, hope you like them too. I know you won't be able to stop yourself smiling.

Kittens Verses Tiger

Ok, this one is just plain silly but i just love it. Watch it all the way through and I swear by the end your believe the tiger is real too. I know the kittens certainly think he is another play mate in their litter.

It's a great idea for a video, very unique and creative. I could quite happily sit and watch this for ages. We need more silly cat videos like this, especially on a Monday morning.

Kitten and Momma

Momma cats have to put up with a lot sometimes. But they always let their kittens get away with it in the end. 

This is a group of cute kitten and momma clips, showing just what mums have to put up with. be warned though it is super cute and i'm sure we would let the little ones get away with it, they're so cure. Enjoy

Wacky Races - Funny Cat Clips

i have sort of given away the ending of this video in the title. but you still won't believe why this cat wants to go out into the hall so desperately every morning.

I know cats all have their own funny little ways but this cat has developed a game that he can play with his owner, all of his own. i don't think I know of another cat who enjoys this game, in fact most i'm sure would hate it. but there you are, just another example of a crazy cat but lovable trait.

Technology Is No Match

My cats certainly don't like my phone, they run a mile when I try to take their picture with it. But they don't have the eversion that this kitty seems to have for his owners Phone.

I love his paws in this cat video, watch them as they curl up in delight at the new toy he gets to play with. the wonder on his face too says a thousand words, "what is this thing?" and "why is it pointing at me?"

Hope you have enjoyed all theme funny cat clips. I will add more as I find them.

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