Fur loss on my cat

by Dar
(North Carolina)

I have a small female, who has been an indoor cat since birth. She is not spayed,I also have 2 males that have been neutered. One is her brother, the other her sire. There were 4 cats altogether in the litter she is the only one having this problem.She and her brother are 3yrs old, the sire is 4yrs old. She has always been very small and thin but I thought it was because she was the runt.She weighs 5 lbs, her brother weighs 14 lbs.so does dad!But they have always been healthy, I moved them from Pgh,Pa to NC, back to PGH, then to Iowa then back to NC.All the other times I moved I lived by myself, this time I moved in with someone who already had 2 kittens that seemed healthy.After being here for a year my little one began to have problems- a small weight loss and around Christmas she lost all the fur on her back legs( inside & out), also on her whole backend,on the lower middles of her front legs.I don't know what could be causing it, I have wormed them, de-fleaed them,there are no ear mitesor signs of any kind of bugs or parasites. None of the other cats have had this problem, they are eating the same foods they always have and other than traveling in the car they have never been out side. The only thing I have not done is take her to the vet, They have had theis shots and if it were very serious i would take them to the vet, as I did when my oldest cat had a bad tooth removed. But to be honest it is very costly and I am on a low fixed income, but if you can not help me I will have no choice but to take her, she don't seem to be in pain but she is licking and scratching more than usual. Do you have any idea wht it could be and how could I help her? Thank you very much!

Answer by Kate
well parasites are only one cause of fur loss for a cat, the other possibilities are allergies or anxiety.

i have two pages about both of these issues which should be able to help you further. unfortunately it is often not that easy to discover the cause if it is not a parasite etc and may need to have some tests done by a vet in case it is an allergy.

however here are may pages and i hope they can help you further



best wishes kate

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