gagging cat

by Jamie C
(Halifax, NovaScotia)

My 10 yr old cat has hyper thyroidism. He is taking tapazole (5mgs) to correct that. He just recently was in for a check and a geriatric blood panel. The results were all fine. His organs are all working well. However, the reason for the trip to the vet was the severe gagging when I give hime his pill and now when he eats. To the point that he is hestitant after he gags to continue to eat. Other than that he is fine. Its to the point I am going to have to try to give him is meds crushed up. I thought perhaps his thyroid was enlarged and that was making his throat over sensitive. That was not the case. He at times gags so hard his jaws dislocate. Any ideas?


Answer by Kate
I will admit to not knowing the answer to this one i'm afraid. whether or not it is associated with his condition i have no idea. I would have thought that the vet would have mentioned this when you visited if it was connected.

Perhaps someone else here will have experienced a similar situation and will add a reply.

best wishes Kate

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Gagging when eating
by: Anonymous

My cat was gagging everytime he tried to eat,turned out he had a piece of grass that had gone up his nose and was tickling the back of his throat!

Have you tried transdermal gel methamazole
by: Amber, Ben, and Meo's Mom

We had the same problem with giving our 18 year old cat thyroid meds. We switched to a gel which can be applied to the inside of the ear flap. Many drugs can be done in the transdermal gel.

Check with your vet, it can be compounded by Drs Foster and Smith pharmacy. Check out their web site. We used this technique for 3 years and her levels were perfect up until the day she went to the Rainbow Bridge. :) Hope this helps.

Gagging Cat
by: Mary in NC

I wanted to comment on this as I too have a hyper thyroid 12 yr old female tortie cat.
She also gags when given her pill and gags some when eating.
My vet has checked her several times for this and says it is probably because she trys to hurry and comsume her food whuch results in gagging in some cats.
I have only had this happen to me with cats who have thyroid disease.
Gagging when given a pill is VERY common in alot of cats. Have youe vet check to make sure she does not have any swelling that would cause a gag reflex and if that comes back clear then your cat probably gags for the same reasons as others do with this condition.
Your vet is always the first and best authority to seek advice from in any manners where your cat is acting differently.
Good luck to you and your cat.

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