George The Cat

George the cat. My name is Zuly and this is my cat.

Sex- Male
Age - 1yr 6 month
Lives In - Chelsea, United States

My favorite food - Purina on wet food and Science Diet Nature best on dry food.

This is what I like to do the best - He loves to be on the window and stare at nature , he could spend hours there.

My funny habits are - he likes to hunt me or my husband and also he likes to help me by watching me wash my dishes.

How I found my cat - I got George as a present from my sister and brother in law.

He is my companion when I am das or angry he lifts my spirits up . he is part of my family

Comment from kate
Ah what we would we do if our cats didn’t help us with the washing of the dishes? well it would certainly make washing up a whole lot less fun, but I would probably get them done quicker. Especially as I have to try and stop my cat from drinking the water coming out of the tap at the same time as stepping on the dirty plates. We do get ourselves in a bit of a mess sometimes.

I know what you mean about lifting your spirits up. We got our two cats after our beloved Little Mo dies (see her story on the home page). We were so distraught and the house felt so empty without her we just couldn’t wait to give a home to some more homeless kitties. we knew little Mo would not mind, after all she was a rescue cat too and so she would want us to do the same for other cats.

Our cats really are a great comfort to us.

George Turns 4

So George the cat has been really happy he just turned 4 yrs , He makes our household a fun place, he is a rascal but we LOVE him dearly, the other day I let him out in the yard and after an hour I COULD not find him I got really worried but before i went into panic he came strolling by . 

Comment by KateHi thanks for sending a new picture of George. he certainly looks very happy with himself ;)Why not tell us what he's been up to lately too, Cats are always up to something and i love to hear about it and I'm sure others would too. 

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