German kitty is changing

by Abby
(München, Deutschland)

I relocated from Washington, DC to München, Deutschland this past December..with my cat. She is a 14 y.o. indoor-only tabby. She took to the new surroundings immediately and became more affectionate here in Germany. Recently, she has taken to playing more than usual in her water bowl. She has always played with water but this is crazy! More water on the floor than in her body I imagine. Also, she has always been a moody cat, growling when she doesn't want to be touched or play is normal. The last 2 days she has been growling if either my husband or myself even look at her. I also think she is losing weight. I have been monitoring her food/water intake as well as her litterbox for any changes and everything seems normal. We have a vet paying us a housecall today (how awesome is that? A HOUSECALL!) though I am interestted to know if anyone else has had similar experiences. My heart breaks more and more and more everytime she growls because I think she's in pain. All comments are welcomed!

Growling unfortunately can indicate pain or discomfort. So yes it is very wise of you to have a vet check her over. At 14 she may start to suffer illnesses associated with old age and so it is best to catch them early and hopefully nip anything in the bud.

Weight loss can be a sign of several diffeent problems and so the vet may want to do some blood work to check this out. Possibilities are
cat-thyroid problems

but it is far too early to worry about any of these. Your vet will be better placed to ascertain her problem. Hopefully it is something easily sorted out and that she will be back to her old self soon.

best wishes kate

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