Get cat to stop chasing

by May
(Cucamonga, ca)

How can I get my 3 year old cat to quit attacking my new kitten? Everytime she sees her she goes right for her. It's been 2 months now ans she still does it. I'm afraid she is going to hurt the kitten one of these times.

Answer by Kate
Hi it is unlikely that she is actually attacking the kitten it is more likely to be a form of play.

this can look like an attack but generally it is not and is a normal way for cats to interact with each other.

If there is no growling or hissing when this happens it is most certainly play and even though they may look like they are biting they are not actually doing it hard. This sort of behavior is normal and healthy for the cats.

However if your older cat is growling and hissing and displaying generally more nasty tendencies towards your cat, all you can try and do is to take them through the introduction process again which may help to build their confidence with each other. it does take some time and effort on your part but could be worth it if aggression is present.

the process is described here

best wishes Kate

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